Wisma Hills & Cheryl

Date: 05th Sept 2019

Event: The chronology of moving into own building for Hills & Cheryl Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

HC Building
1. Decided to have our own building and therefore, we had called up the owner on 02nd Aug 2019 in telling her of our intention to purchase
GF 2 in 1
1a.  The interior of the shop b4 ID works and the pics taken on 5th August 2019
1st Floor 3 in 1
1b. The upper floor b4 ID works and the pics taken on 5th August 2019
Mbb bank statement
2. Received our Letter of Offer on 28th Aug 2019 from MBB Jalan Sultan Idris Shah Branch (Ipoh) and completed signing on the LO on that day as well. Thank you Ms. Ong for your superb service!
To move things real fast, we had engaged Jan Wong the ID designer (https://m.facebook.com/jannovativedesign) for our office on 02nd Sept 2019
S&P Signing 05092019
3. S & P Signing with the landlord at Lawyer KH Ong & Ng’s office on 05th Sept 2019
S&P signed and awaiting MB concern before requesting for the keys from the seller so that we can start our renovation works earlier

4. Got our Initial Layout Plan by Jan Wong on 10th Sept 2019 where we are going to choose the most suitable for our need; so far layout 2 is the most suitable.

5. Attended Joey Yap Live Feng Shui event from 19th to 22th Sept 2019 where we self learn on how to do plotting, placement of our team and the flow of QI works in our office.

JY all
Learned Feng Shui from Dato Joey Yap and team JY on how we plot our team at our new office

6. Appointment made with Jan Wong in finalizing the Layout 2 on 24th Sept 2019 on 11 a.m. Among the things that we had finalized:

  1. The final layout of ground and 1st floor;
  2. The colour combination of black, grey and white with earthly colour for the decoration parts;
  3. The incorporation of Coffee lounge;
  4. The positioning and flowing of QI inside the office;
  5. The UNIFORMITY of seating;
  6. The final 2D plan is finalized on 28th Sept 2019 with the amendment on Jazz Lounge’s size :LAYOUT Final 28092019

7. Upon confirmation of the 2D plan then will proceed to 3D plan where we will be able to see the colours, furniture and the artist’s impression on the office. The 3D plan will be available by 2nd week of Oct 2019.

8. Thanks to our lawyer’s effectiveness (https://www.rcakl.org.my/k-h-ong-ng-10705.html), we are successfully in obtaining MB’s concern on 07th Oct 2019 and the banker will release the payment to seller by Oct 2019. Sorry to inform that, we are not to disclose our MB’s concern letter at the website.

9. Done submission on TNB reconnect by Alvin Lee from Prime Alarm Automation and Lembaga Air Perak (taken 2 sets of form of RM 2.00 per set) for reconnecting water meter on 09th Oct 2019.

HC waterbill
Remember to attach surat wakil if the owner unable to attend to LAP works

10. Got our initial artist impression on (15th Oct 2019) how our office’s design with 1st floor and ground floor where how the initial idea’s look like:

AGM Room Open Lid
Initial design on the BoardRoom

11. Upon tonnes of discussion on the pricing, design, quotes and office furniture hunting, it’s about time to to kick start our renovation on 11th Nov 2019:

Renovation works 11112019

12.  Updates that we had chosen carpet tiles and vinyl tiles on 13th Nov 2019.

13. Renovation progress at ground and Upper Floor 14th Nov 2019:

GF Renovation works 14112019
Ground floor
1st Floor Reno Works 14112019
Upper Floor Renovation works


Ground Floor 27122019
Ground Floor on 27th Dec 2019
Upper Floor 27122019
Upper Floor on 27th Dec 2019

15. Launching of signboard on 07th Jan 2020

16. Our opening ceremony on 02nd Feb 2020 with our guests

CK & Cheryl at HC 02022020
17. It took us two months to rush the whole renovation project done. Thank you to all our suppliers, contractors and our interior designer
HC with ILCS & Hannah Home
18. On the same day, the Company also make a donation of RM 500.00 to Ipoh Love & Care Society and RM 500.00 to Hannah Orphanage Home.

19. Thank you for reading on how we started our project and the ending part of our story


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