Registration of a Society

RM 1, 060.00 (inclusive of SST).

1. To register a new Non Government Society/ Organization and opening of current bank accounts at :

RM 1, 060.00 inclusive of SST but excluding reimbursement of pocket expenses;

Information needed:

  1. Name of the Society (Section 2A) Malaysia Societies Act 1966.pdf;
  2. Registered Society’s Address ( S 14C ) with supportive of LHDN Stamp Duty-paid Tenancy Agreement;
  3. Members’ Listing (Yang Dipertua, Timbalan Pengerusi, Setiausaha, Penolong Setiausaha , Bendahari , Ahli Jawatankuasa &  Ahli Jawatankuasa) ROS Members Listing 08092021.excel (Malaysians Only @ Section 13A (1));
  4. The society’s function, mission & category;
  5. Membership’s requirement and fees (S 9(F));
  6. Any flags involve (Section 50);
  7. Upon successful of documents compilation; it will take 2 weeks – 6 months in getting approval from Register of Society (ROS)- S 13A ;
  8. Opening of an UOB or RHB Bank Current Accounts;
  9. HC will proceed to draft the Constitution. 

2. To be appointed as E-Secretary (Optional) for the Society at :

RM 70.00 monthly for the E- Secretary Role.

  1. Communication & re-collection of decisions (communication role);


  2. Determination of eligibility to vote (agenda & meeting minutes role);


  3. Continuity of policies and practices (maintenance of updated documents);


  4. Accountability of Committees and officers (liaise with Authorities, Management & State Representative Members);


  5. A registered address for the Society with receptionist services (8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday);


  6. Administrator for a WhatsApp or Telegram chatroom;


  7. Compliance governance and advisory role;


  8. Managing Society at ROS’s compliance works;


  9. Follow through with appointed lawyer if any Hire-Purchase or Sales & Purchase materialize;


  10. Courier services to members (charges apply based on courier provider).

3. AGM or EGM event at RM 350.00 per hour. (Optional)

Work tasks inclusive of :

  1. Sending out AGENDA through Registered Mail or Courier and Email to all members;
  2. Attending and preparing Meeting Minutes in English;
  3. Distributing to President, Secretary, Treasurer and State Representatives in within 7 days;
  4. Usage of BoardRoom meeting room or to broadcast E-AGM/ EGM virtually;
  5. Submission to ROS;
  6. Courier charges will be invoice respectively.

A registered address for the Society with professional services (8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday);

4. Accounting works

  1. Accounting works start from RM 1,200.00 to RM 2,200.00 per year depends on the case’s complexity overall;
  2. LHDN Tax Ruling on Clubs, Association and Similar: LHDN Tax Ruling for Club, Association and Similar.pdf;
  3. Opening of Association Tax File number (Form F) at RM 159.00 (inclusive of SST) per form;
  4. Opening of Cooperative Society Tax File number  (Form CS) at RM 159.00 (inclusive of SST) per form;
  5. Reviewing of Accounts from RM 800.00 which depends on the complexity of the accounts.

5. Application of tax exemption status from LHDN

  1. Professional application estimating from RM 1,200.00 and applicable to charity based Non Governmental Organization (NGO);
  2. Criteria for approval: Tax Exemption for Society.pdf;
  3. Criteria for approval: Tabung Kebajikan dan Pendidikan.pdf;
  4. Application link: Tax Exemption Checklist for ROS.pdf
  5. Criteria for approval: Tax Exemption for Religious Entities.pdf
  6. LHDN Tax Exemption Letter Sample: LHDN Tax Exemption Letter.pdf
  7. Approval is subject to LHDN’s final decision at the end of the day.

Registration of Society

Cost : RM 1,060.00*
*Price inclusive of SST