1. Ms. Cheryl Wong Cheah Ling (MIA 27235)

Executive Director, Chartered Accountant (MIA 27235), GST Tax Agent, Approved Tax Agent and Approved PC COSEC

Code Name: Tax-Pert

Ms. Cheryl Wong started her career with “Big-4” international accounting firm; PricewaterhouseCoopers (K.L), Ernst & Young (Shanghai), Deloitte Kassim Chan (Ipoh) and commercial as Group Accountant where she is specialized in Corporate Accounts & Internal Control System.

She graduated from University of Malaya and is a member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) & The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). On 15th March 2015, Cheryl passed the GST examination organized by The Royal Customs of Malaysia. With her experience in professional practice combined with in depth knowledge in GST & SST, she delivers public tax seminars on GST & SST, private GST & SST advisory, representing clients in GST & SST matters and doing private consultation as well.

With her past experience doubled up with her professional qualifications, Cheryl will be one of her client’s key management people in making financial decisions and when she is not busy travelling, she can be found relaxing with her cuppa with her books at Cafe.

With her past experience doubled up with her professional qualifications, Cheryl provides technical knowledge, compliance and solutions to her clients which ultimately assisting clients in making financial decisions.


  1. Accounting;
  2. CoSec Advisory;
  3. Sales & Service Tax (SST);
  4. Tax consulting (LHDN & Compliance);
  5. Trouble shooting (Macro & Micro).

2. Dr. Hills Chong Choong Kian (CK)

(Doctorate B.A. (USM), CeMBA, BPM (Hons), AMIM
Managing Director, Commercial Doctor, Researcher and Approved COSEC (LS 0010569)

Code Name: The Doctor

Dr. C.K. Chong is a License CoSec (LS0010569) & Affiliate Member of MAISCA where he gains his experience from the manufacturing, operation and management consultancy works during his tenure ship with listed companies in Malaysia. With his vast travelling experience in visiting various industries, he is now venturing into holding position of Independent Director at local SMEs, CoSec consulting, advisory practices and researches in focusing Human Behavior in Procurement, Strategic Foresights Execution, Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting.

He obtained his Doctorate Degree in year 2021 with journals publications with the interest in global business challenges, future commercial connections and sustainability profits at Universitas Tarumanagara Indonesia and Universiti Sains Malaysia respectively.

Apart from professional works, he holds a Muay Thai Kickboxing certificate and holding the position of Chairman at Condominium Management while for leisure activity, he used to enjoy competitive swimming events, coffee, books and tennis.

With his technical knowledge background, he is actively organizing public seminars and talks about management, marketing and consulting COSEC topics regarding corporate governance, Industrial 4.0 and consumers’ behavioral topics.

His forte in delivering ADVISORY & Research works with strategies for business sustainability extends to a range of industries including: operation, retailing, manufacturing, hospitality, chain of convenience shops, trading, food & beverages, columbarium, agriculture and online commerce.


  1. Business Development;
  2. Corporate Advisory, COSEC & Research;
  3. Management Control & Human Capital Transformation;
  4. Companies Act 2016 Compliance Management;
  5. Financial Decision Making Methodologies;
  6. Independent Director.

3. Ms. Jenny Tang Jin Li

(B. Commerce (HONS) Accounting)
Tax Associate & HOD

Code Name: Calculus

Ms. Jenny Tang is a talented leader who leads the company’s tax department. Through her leadership, she has kept the company running at maximum efficiency and up-to-date clients’ tax profile. In addition to managing clients’ tax profile, she works to ensure that her circle of works continues to deliver and thrive towards an evergreen forte.


  1. Taxation Works;
  2. Computation (LHDN);
  3. Consultancy;
  4. Payroll Management;
  5. Corporate Tax Planning.


 Ensuring tax compliance for building a better society.

Esther Loa Chi Leng

4. Ms. Esther Loa Chi Leng

(ACCA Candidate)
Sr. Accounts Associate & HOD

Code Name: Esthology 

Ms. Esther Loa oversees the business operations of Accounting Department at the Firm. Bringing with her of more than 5 years of experience, which helps her in leading a team specialists in delivering quality services to the clients. Today, Esther continues to add value to the company through her contributions and dedication to keep the company 2 steps ahead into the future.


  1. Accounting Works;
  2. Errors & Troubleshooting;
  3. Review of Financial Statements;
  4. Corporate Tax Planning;
  5. Budgeting Control.


Producing quality accounting works & consultation in a timely manner.


5. Ms. Thanursha

(Diploma in Accts)
CoSec Associate & HOD

Code Name: Cross-shot

Ms. Thanur has more than 5 years of experiences in corporate secretarial practice where she has had an illustrious career spanning from working for professional firms of various sizes as well as commercial sectors before joining the Firm. Her “ultra” follow through is a special skill set to be reckon with among clients with mastery of English vocabulary and crafting detail worksteps.


  1. Managing PLT/ Sdn. Bhd./ Berhad’s professional works;
  2. CoSec and Practices;
  3. Submission (SSM, LHDN, EPF and agencies);
  4. Corporate Consulting;
  5. Professional Minutes Maker.
Application of Corporate Governance in creating an effective board development & stakeholders.

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