About us

1. Our Story

Founded by Ms. Cheryl Wong Cheah Ling and Dr. Hills Chong Choong Kian (CK) in the year 2012 specializing on Accounts, Advisory, CoSec, Research, SST & Tax where the Firm ; Hills & Cheryl Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd.’s HQ in Ipoh, corporate offices at Plaza Mont’ Kiara (KL) , Cameron Highlands (Pahang) and The Spice (Penang).

2. Our Experience

Our ability to feel the heartbeat of the industries means we are always expected to be providing our clients’ extra value information.
Our clientele are largely from small to Small Medium Enterprise (SME) which listed below:

3. Quality

Clients to assure on our reasonable pricing with a quality and time efficiency in meeting our business partners’ expectations. As we are towards e-Firm of the future, every information can be delivered with using the shortest time frame.

4. Value

As we are promoting “Green Concept” which means interactions are via WhatsApp, email, social media and reverse courier services where clients’ physical presence at minimum. Hereby, we are creating value to business hours & resources.

5. Transparency

Our service fees are fully transparent where there is no “hidden fees”. We will proceed the job upon agreed on our professional fees.

6. Convenience

Our responsive standards towards our clients are e-LIVE in every electronic messages: WhatsApp, WeChat, email, SMS or even phone call.


The e-Firm of Specialists in our client’s pocket, affordably.


To make business simple, intelligently.

9. How we incorporating Environmental , Social and Governance (ESG):

a. Environment: To ensure ZERO wastage on resources; time,  decarbonizing energy to achieve net-zero emission, harvesting solar power and reducing burden on the landfills.

b. Social: To groom talents via structured internships to be competent in aligning Malaysia’s mission in becoming a develop nation, prioritizing local supply chains and contributing to the society when the needs arise.

c. Governance: To ensure quality of work done in the most efficient method with reasonable pricing and sustainable efforts.

10. Our CORE Values

We Live and Work together by our CORE values of:

  1. Ethical: To ensure our responsibilities through honestly, ethical and integrity manner.
  2. Quality: Quality in everything we do towards our clients and consistently exceed expectations.
  3. Professional: Ensure that our stakeholders are continually learning, earning, growing knowledgeable and thoughtful individuals in their fields.
  4. Dignity: Treating every individual with dignity, respect and a good paymaster towards the supply chain.
  5. Culture: Maintain a professional culture image as promoting the importance of career development, life enhancement, green workplace and work-life balance.
  6. Community: Giving back to the community by creating a sustainable society without sacrificing future’s resources and to support when needs arise.
  7. Leadership: Empowering women leadership, career enhancement and equal opportunities.


  1. Minimize Carbon Footprint:
    We aim to minimize its environmental footprint throughout our business cycle in looking at the “PAPERLESS” community where we to deliver more by using less papers, selection only farmed trees producing papers, planting greens around us, installation of solar panels at our rooftop for solar energy, segregation of waste and replacing travelling to digitalizing in lessen the carbon footprint.


  2. Unleash Human Potential: In addition to our commitment to mould individuals, we are accepting INTERNS, apprentice and beyond retirement to be on board with us. Hereby, we will grow, learn and contribute back to the community as a whole.


  3. Managing 8 hours per day (Mon- Fri):
    To complete our job within deadline and do make extra time for discussion with our clients in every job either face to face or virtually. Hereby, we generate value and  make things right at the first time.


  4. Community improvements:
    On Total Societal Impact (TSI) that we do, we aim to make the world a better place for everyone to stay where children are to having basic education and sustainable community with a FAIR trade system. In short, we aim to make the world a slightly better place for every individuals.


  5. Green influencing:
    On a mission to become an organization in cherish nature, greening the earth and reducing burden landfills. 

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