Reducing Carbon Footprint

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Climate change is real and we are playing our part in reducing the carbon foot print as everyone needs to play their part for sustainable business.

Question: What are our targets in driving climate change within the company over the next 12 months?
Answer: We got 12 targets in fighting the climate change and reducing carbon footprint.

1. Reducing carbon emission

a. Using recycle friendly cardboard files ( and recycle it once it’s worn-out as to reduce burden on the landfill.

b. Reducing the carbon footprint by travel less through using Whatsapp for business support and e-files sending.

2. Procuring environmentally-friendly products

Procuring A4 Papers where the paper are only from farm trees and all documents are utilized double sided.

3. Reducing e-waste

We are using refurbish computers in giving the computers a second life and at the same time, reducing e-waste at the landfill. 

4. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions
5. Green office
Black colour curtain in insulating the sun’s heat with lowering heat of 70% inside the office .

6. Working from home and hybrid
7. Tree planting and reforestation
We are contributing financially to GREEN canopy project on earth through . Greening the earth is one of our corporate’s purpose.

8. Efficient energy usage

Utilizing sunlight at the reception area in reducing dependency to bulb lights. 

9. Investing in clean, solar and renewable energy

10. Responsible waste disposal

11. Reducing paper usage

Adopting Industrial 4.0 where our documents are cloud based (Dropbox) hence reducing the needs of printing and to get our documents instantly.
12. Improving community wellbeing
a. Our Directors in walking the extra mile in sending help to communities in Sabah.
b. Director Dr. CK Chong in participating of Nepal Earthquake Fundraising dinner in year 2016 with able to raise RM 60,000.00 for the earthquake victims.
c. Director Cheryl Wong in not forgetting the forgotten society by spending her time with them.

d. Director Dr. CK Chong in helping to fight food hunger during the pandemic’s MCO 3.0 on 12th June 2021.

Your business should happen?

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