LLP / PLT Services and Fees

Àla Carte LLP/PLT Services

All prices exclusive of SST.

*LLP Services yearly package
Package includes:

a. Annual declaration submission to SSM worth RM 300.00;

b. Up to date LLP Registers and Statutory Record;

c. Allocation of registered office address**;

d. General consultation on limited liability partnerships/compliance/accounting/tax matters;

e. Oversee and ensuring compliance with relevant legal requirements, particularly under the Limited Liability Partnerships Act 2012 and Income Tax Act 1967.

f. Regular compliance alert via email and call.


g. Compliance Officer’s reading on compliance requirements:

LLP Compliance Act & Requirements 09042021 

h. **Use of HC’s Ipoh Address as your LLP registered office to comply with the statutory requirement under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2012.

Provision of registered office address includes:

a. Statement of letter is available upon request;

b. Free Scanning letter services upon request;

c. Free daily letter/parcel notifications via email;

d. Self-collection of mail and parcels between Monday – Friday: (8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m.) (no handling fee);

f. Receiving of normal mails, air mails, parcels (below 3 kg) or registered mails. Daily handling fees and storage fee applied for item/ parcel above 3 kg;

g. Mail forwarding / Courier arrangement to a local / overseas address on daily / weekly / monthly basis is available (Courier fees from RM 15.00 is applied for each courier services);

h. Note that LLP / PLT Service such as change of partners, change of compliance officer and etc will be charged on ala carte basis;

i. Anything else? Just whatapps our specialists team who are ready to assist you.

Company Stamps, Seals & Corporate Gifts

a. Pocket common seal with 5 red seals at RM 137.80
b. Crystal Company Chop with Self-Ink at RM 97.80;
c. Clipper Plate at RM 77.80
e. Company Wax Seal at RM 173.00
d. Common Seal Plate at RM 77.80 per set
f. HnC's Corporate Golf Umbrella @ RM 70.00

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