Collaborate with H&C and start your own team

Package : Master Craft Practice (MCP) @ RM 300,000.00

The package inclusive of:

1. In-House Software & Training (Worth up to RM 10,000.00):Client Management Apps;

a. Trello Workflow Platform (Monitoring Platform);

b. One Set Million Accounting Single Version & Payroll Software Single Version.

c. Provided with Letters, Memo & Management Templates (Worth RM 6,000.00).

2.  12 months On Going Consultancy (Worth RM 24,000.00):

a. Total 100 Hours of Consulting.

3. Two (2) Days Intensive Training on (Worth RM 10,000.00):

a. Accounting;

b. CoSec;

c. Entrepreneurship;

d. Human Resources Practices;

e. Tax.

4. Renovation with ID Design & Floor Plan of Boutique Firm (Worth up to RM 250,000.00) while for those non-Malaysia, we will provide standard design for the firm.

5. Company being listed along with our HQ’s website which is currently at Google Page 1.

6. HC Ipoh (Malaysia) will hold a 10% of share as a gesture of continuous support.

7. Upon completion of the above, then the owner will be able to start the practice immediately. 

Date: 05th May 2018 How to H&C’s entrepreneur-ism works & selling the services since year 2012? 1. Build the trust and proceed to “Ice breaking”; 2. Let your clients to tell their concerns (90% talking) while you (10% talking and 90% hearing); 3. Enjoy TRANSPARENCY about your services and pricing; 4. Do what is needed for compliance and give advice holistically; 5. Be optimistic and realistic over all business transactions; 6. When you are on the phone conversation with clients, stand up and your voice tone will be more solid; 7. A sales cycle is only complete when payment had been received and receipt sent to clients; 8. Do not be pushy and let clients to decide on the engagement of your services; 9. Take the reply of “No” positively and always stay hunger till you get alot of “YES”! pexels-photo-515169 Collaboration wins all with H&C; as everyone got their own expertise and this is where franchisor’s experience comes into the business. A successful franchisor will provide the support holistically as such: i. A comprehensive business plan & manuals; ii. Skills transfer to franchise owners inclusive of marketing, operations, bookkeeping, cloud computing; iii. Technical and manpower support. This support towards franchisee are with the objectives of: wealth creation, saving of time & money resources and motivation to perform. What will our franchisee get for collaboration: i. Group advertising in using the same name which enhance the company’s image; ii. Owning the business and to manage daily operation by yourself with guidance from the franchisor; iii. The be able to provide the services with lower start-up costs and with higher confidence; iv. Shared proprietary information, templates, intellectual properties and brand name; v. Business insights from franchisor; vi. Proven business’s track records and eventually creating lower risks for the franchisee; vii. In uniformity, everyone is sharing the same services, quality, professional appearance and brand awareness; viii. Business support from the franchisor  in before and after launching in the area of financing, cloud computing, training and methodology; ix. The “excitement” in practicing your own skills within a profit making business model where you will not get in most employment arena. x. The Freedom Factor: Flexibility where entrepreneurs drop off stability and pursuing freedom as they are becoming own boss, money where the sky is your limit and status where you are everything with the feeling of significant to the business circle. rawpixel-com-250087 In ensuring the success of both organizations’, it is advisable to discuss on the following terms before moving one step ahead: HC Franchise Discussion Terms 27082019