We are assisting our clients in making the NEXT big decision by providing factual advisory.

The basic tools needed for decision making

1. Management Consulting

   a.  Business Transformation & Foresights       

         i. Strategy & Operations

        ii. People and Change

        iii. Shared Services & Outsourcing Advisory

        iv. Procurement Advisory Services

   b.  Financial Management

        i. MBRS


2. Risk Advisory

   a. Internal audit risk & compliances services

   b. Forensic

       i. Anti-Money Laundering & Sanctions Services

   c. Accounting Advisory Services

       i. IFRS/ MFRS

       ii. Outsourcing Services

   d. Financial Risk Management

   e. Governance & Sustainability

       i. Climate Change and Sustainability Services

       ii. Social Advisory Services

       iii. Integrated Reporting Framework (Version 2021)


3. Strategic Advisory

   a. Corporate Finance

   b. Restructuring

   c. Transaction Services


4. Further solutions:

Types of work can include:

a. business strategy


b. e-business

c. financial and management controls

d. human resources

e. information technology

f. marketing

g. supply chain management


5. Methodology of work:


a. Carry out research and data collection to understand the organization;

b. running analysis;

c. interview the client’s associates, management,  and other stakeholders;

d. run focus groups and facilitate workshops;

e. prepare business proposals and presentations;

f. identify issues and form hypotheses and solutions;

g. present findings and recommendations to clients;

h. implement recommendations or solutions and ensure the client receives the necessary assistance to carry it all out;

i. manage projects and change;

j. lead and manage those within the team, including analysts;

k. liaise with the client to keep them informed of progress and to make relevant decisions.