Pangkor Laut Resort @ Perak

A revenge  travelling mood cum birthday trip to Pulau Pangkor Laut Resort & Perak on 17th- 19th April 2021 and before we move on, this the website for booking

Pangkor Laut Resort
The journey starts where we are having our early noodles breakfast at Pusing, Perak with my usual black coffee “O” without sugar.

Steam Buns

This is the new creation of Chinese style steam soup buns where the flavor soup is inside the bun. It takes caution when we are having it as the soup might split out from the first bite.


Lumut Jetty

Reaching PLR’s Lumut Jetty where the friendly staff will do the baggage check-in and serving a cool lemonade. All we need to do is just chill and enjoy.


Boarding process starts where everyone are guided to their respective boat and the fun begins.
The speedboat and the nice blue sea where we are on-the-way to PLR. Vitamin SEA is so nice and luxury!
Reached PLR’s jetty and by looking at our background, it is so peaceful and good for retreat.
Reaching to the Hotel’s lobby where we are guided throughout the check in process and it is so easy. Do spend about 10 minutes as the Host will tell you what to enjoy at the island.
After briefing and we are walking towards our room with enjoying the sea and the greens along the walkway.
This is our room for the entire 3 days and 2 nights which will cost us around RM 4 k plus with inclusive of breakfast, lunch and dinner. All you need to do is just indulge while the rest, had been well taken care off.
The bathroom where we can enjoy warm water with nicely marble bathtub. The lotion, bath gel and shampoo are made from Social Enterprise where we can buy from them directly as well as supporting a meaningful organization.
This is the place where I’m used to watch the night sea and chatting with my friends. Be expect of total privacy and quiet night.
We can even enjoy our sight by looking at the sea below us along the walkway. It is truly relaxing as watching the fishes in swimming by. Along that, we can see monitor lizards in enjoying their sun basking along the rocks too.
Having our poolside lunch (Hotdog’s Club Set) where it is already included in the package but it can be ala carte too. The set is RM 60.00 per set.
Another must eat spaghetti with prawns. Remember to keep your weight in check as the hotel is serving really good food!
Since not much activities at night, you may enjoy ping pong, table soccer and pool snooker with your friends as well. Is is so relaxing!
For dinner, we had chosen round table at Uncle Lim’s kitchen where we can enjoy the fresh seafood from steam tilapia, sotong, Oh-Chien, vegetable and garlic sauce chicken. As I mentioned previously, the vacation package had included breakfast, lunch and dinner too. So worry not and just enjoy the dinner.
Do not forget that you can ala carte booking for 2 hours of Bali massage for total relaxing as you are not in rush, no meetings, no cars and no appointments.
Sad but need to move on as done enjoy my short trip for 3 days and 2 night with my friends along. By-the-way, I just like the sun burn as the feeling is so good.
Closing our trip and we are stopping by at for lunch. It is a must that we must have Chicken Red Mee Suah noodles and also drunken lala as this are the signature dishes at Sitiawan, Perak with Hock Chew’s style cooking.

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