Our trip to Kota Bahru, Kelantan

Due to everyday’s tight schedule, my blogging time had been reduced but however, this eye-opening wedding dinner at Kota Bahru (KB), Kelantan is one of the discovery trip. My trip to KB is on 14 &  15 of Oktober 2016 and here it goes..

The first thing to do after touching at KB airport is to get a nice shower before food hunting. My touchdown to KB airport from Penang International Airport is at 8.50am
For a quick breakfast, we have our Nasi Lauk at Lok Cafe. The food stall is operated by local Chinese and it’s crowded too. For the food, the taste is ok and the curry is not so spicy but not suitable for children. Most of the Kelatanese like to have rice for breakfast and lunch.
Visiting the Pasar Siti Khadijah, where the locals shop for groceries, fruits, food and much more. The market is quite big with few levels and each got it’s own specific goods..and one of the famous souvenir is Keropok Lekor.
Come across where alot of locals having this nasi lauk for lunch. You can get all these kind of vegetables, seafood, chicken and specialty here and of course the pricing is really economical. Be prepare for sweat-dropping-lunch!
cow-legs and its GROSS
I know this is gross but you can easily see this Cow’s Legs anywhere at the market as the locals like to have it as ingredients for soup, curry or dish.
Nasi Kerabu where the locals like to have it for lunch. It’s a type of rice with green colour with vegetables, Keropok and fried chicken. The taste is nice and feel to have more of it!
Finally the time has come on day 2: 15th October 2016, where we are enjoying of wedding dinner of my sister in law and bro in law at Hotel Perdana. They serve great dinner but no wine or alcoholic drinks at all and my background is a glass of PEPSI 🙂 The hotel is great for sweet nights and you may have a virtual tour at it:http://hotelperdanakotabharu.com/
Finally after 2 great days at KB, it’s time for us to FLY home  with http://www.fireflyz.com.my/ home to Penang for laksa. This is the great Kelantan River and it’s huge. Mind do have your cuppa of teh tarik here?

It’s an eye opening trip here to KB and will plan for next trip on further discovery. The only set back here, we can’t find any Uber or Grabcar here..so one might need to take cab or rent a car to go around. Besides that, their local Kelantan Malay slang is kinda “techie” if you are not use to it.