Our trip to Bandung, Indonesia

Thank you Air Asia for the safe journey and blessed journey. We are back into our office with tonnes of adventure photography for sharing. Our journey to Bandung starts from 10 November 2015 till 13 November 2015. Let’s start our adventure sharing:

KLIA 2, Airasia
Catching the red eye flight at KLIA 2. Eyes are heavy!
Airasia, touch down
Touchdown at Bandung International Airport. Be prepared for cramp up at the airport..
Hotel Grand Hyatt Bandung
After the flight about 2 hours plus, we do check in at Hotel Grand Hyatt which cost us about RM 240 per night. The facilities are good, service is gentle and spacious also.
Rumah Mode
If you are a fans of fashion, then welcome to Paris of Asia. You can get all types of fashion for men and women at the most reasonable price. Make sure you have a big luggage space when you are shopping at Rumah Mode.
taxi drivers in Indonesia
Be extra care on yellow or blue cab drivers. They will take advantage on you by, charging you without meter reading, off the air cond, taking a longer route or telling you “No small money”. The ideal pre- cautious are prepare small change, insist on meter reading and be alert on the road.
fast food
Our dinner for first night near our hotel. The food and service are nice and plenty of waitress to serve you gently. On average their salary is round RM 300 plus per month.
AG 1
Having breakfast at Ayam Goren Suharti. As you know, this kind of restaurant is consider luxury to most of the locals. So, we are the 1st customer for famous Ayam Goreng Suharti.
Ag 2
Ayam Goreng Suharti on the table. Most of the chicken are slim in size. The meal cost us RM 100 for 6 person.
Gn Tangkuban Parahu
About 2 hours drive uphill to Gunung Tangkuban Parahu where we can see the “dead” volcano. The only hiccups is when those authorities charge us RM 60 per entrance! Never ever let your driver to talk to them separately before making the entrance. The place is full of sulphur smell but it’s cool and windy up there.
Keychains, magnets, volcano
Never ever dress like a tourist or you will be surrounded by keychain, ,magnet, souvenir seller and much more. At first, Cheryl bought 150,000 rupiah for one set of magnets but when we leave, those sellers offers 150,000 rupiah for 3 sets! So remember to bargain before making purchase but however if you want to help the community, then you can just spend happily.
Hotspring, reflexology, indonesian
As we when downhill, we make a stop at hot spring and spend 1 hour there. Feeling curious, we indulge into hot spring reflexology (70,000 rupiah). Not much different except you can feel the heat after the process. Consider “oklogy”.
Kg Daun, Waterfall
On the way down, we stop by for lunch at Kg Daun. You can find all types of food there: western, Indonesian, oriental and steaks. Be amaze of it’s waterfall’s surrounding at the restaurant! By the way, the food’s pricing is consider reasonable (pineapple fried rice @ 40,000 rupiah).
Wedding, bride, bridegroom
Kg Daun is a good venue for wedding photography. Extremely nature! We managed to “curi-curi” take a shot. Trust me, you won’t be sweating!
Pondok, lunch
One can have total privacy during the lunch time and besides that, all you need to do is eat, chat and lying around as you will be served like a “king”. Behind the “pondok” is a small stream of river running freely with waterfall sound.
Nasi padang, chilly, sauce
After a tiring outing, we just make some street shopping and stop by “nasi padang” for dinner. The dishes are quite spicy, red in colour and heavily spiced up. To get hotter! You can spice yourself up by having additional belacan and local chilly (mango peel). Nasi Padang is the same version of Malaysian Chinese economical rice.
Drawing street, artist
For our last day of trip, we went to Bandung’s oldtown and have a walk. Be prepare to bargain if you want to buy some drawings. I bought 3 drawings: “sawah padi scenery, water fall and koi fishes” and 300,000 rupiah per drawings. Don’t get surprised if those sellers give you some “feng- shui” hints on where to hang your drawings.

We packed up on 13 November and check out by 1pm. On overall, Bandung is nice, warm, shopping haven and a place where you can enjoy like a “King” and “Queen”.


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