Langkawi Island, Malaysia

Going a short trip can bring happiness but at the same time also “piling” of works at my table! Anyhow, I stole couple of minutes and write my Langkawi’s experience out on 13 March 2016 (Sunday) at my office (gosh!!). My Langkawi trip starts on 6th March 2016 till 8th March 2016 by flying (Now, everyone can FLY!). We went to Penang for overnight and board the early plane from Penang around 11am.

Kaffa Coffee and Expresso
Having early coffee (single shot expresso) after having Penang CKT. Penang’s International Airport is awesome and one can have great Kaffa Coffee before boarding.
Driving, Avanza
Having our self booking Avanza through online which cost us around RM 100 per day excluding gasoline but if you walk in at airport, they will usually offer you at RM 300 per day. Please make bargain as there are plenty of choices there.

Siamese Temple
After the simple lunch which is luckily not “Bak Kut Teh”, we drove to Watkohwanararm Langkawi ( and did some praying and photography. The craft-man engraved a statue of Guan Yin (God of Mercy) onto the mountain and it’s look marvelous. One can expect peace (human-less) and feed around at the Koi Pond which is 6ft deep.
Black Sand Beach, ABC
Just before we check into our hotel from the scorching heat at the island, we dragged ourselves and have a walk at the Black Sand Beach and read some story behind (scientific and fiction version). After couple of walks; we came across an ABC (Malaysian version of ice cream syrup) stall and we keep cool by having ABC session. The heat from Langkawi is totally different with Ipoh or Penang as the heat is really unbearable and do yourself a favour by applying lots of sunblock lotion.
Hotel, Langkawi Motel, fast WIFI speed
Kudos to my sis & her buddy, Caren & Rowena for making a comfy apartment booking at Langkawi Motel ( The air conditioners are working perfectly, high current shower and the WIFI’s speed at 20 mbps and the stay cost us around RM 259 per night consists of 3 bedroom rooms and a 24 hour mart just beside our room. One thing, I’m not so sure is, why the management named it Motel??
The sun
Your friendly neighborhood, the scorching sun at the island. Maybe he is too happy and shining extremely on me as I view it from the positive side.
Sorry to my Muslim friends/ readers as I post this picture..hehe. We make a pit stop at Teo Soon Huat Duty Free Shopping Complex. Chocolates are plenty to choose from while the hard liquor’s pricing are quite attractive (Black Label at RM 70 plus, Chivas & JD @ RM 69 while Jack’s Gentlemen at RM 82). For your info, one can only carry a bottle of hard liquor not exceeding 1 litre if you are going off from Langkawi.
We spent around 4 hours at the sea and having fun on eagle feeding, high speed boat ride, swimming at private beach, photographing at KILIM Geo Park, visiting fish farm, having a simple lunch meal at Restaurant Terapung ( nasi goreng on RM 8 per plate) and also the boat tour to Andaman Sea. Overall, the boat ride is joyous but abit boring during the mangrove tour. As I’m maneuvering the boat through the wave, suddenly I got the feeling of San Andreas..and of course, I’m the lead actor.
Boatman, andaman sea, sunburn
Thank you to the boatman (Bat H/P: 014-2415619) for giving us the safe and happy ride. For the boat booking, you can call Bat direct as he will only charge you RM 350 per boat for 4 hours ride while if you book though an agent at airport, you will be charged at RM 200 per head. So plan your boat ride ahead, folks. The background of the pics are my parents, Rowena and boatman (Bat).
Penang Prawn Mee, Sunshine
The prawn mee is the mark of ending my trip. After our safe flight back to Penang, we drop by to have Penang’s Granny prawn mee at the shop just beside Sunshine Lip Sin Mall and the medium portion cost me around RM 5.50 per bowl.

Overall, we do enjoy ourselves throughout the Langkawi’s trip with just minor sunburn. Besides that, we are blessed that Malaysia got so much to offer to everyone from food, tourism, entertainment and AGODA..hehe. Till then, the next trip will be somewhere around August 2016!


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