Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia

Our journey to Keningau, Sabah from 25 to 27 November 2015 is an eye opening trip where we are arranged to visit an organic lemon farm, a Murut (a community) village and some sight seeing at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. In order to reach Keningau, we have to prepare ourselves for a 2.5 hours journey through the Crocker Range and honestly, I puked throughout the journey while the positive side is, I got the chill air, greens and a touch of nature.

Kadazan Pork Mee, Noodles
We do have Kadazan Mee Sup Pipin (a type of pork noodles) for breakfast before going up hills and the price is RM 5.00 per set. The noodles’ taste is fine but the meat is quite meaty smell.
We do have pit stop at Tambunan Botanical Garden. If you are a fan of jungle trekking, then this is your trekking haven where you can find Rafflesia flower (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rafflesia) and if you are lucky, you might bump into a bear!
As we walk along the park, this is our first look at the nature’s carpet. This soil is soft and it’s a perfect water retention land and one of it’s function is to prevent flash flood. It’s take about 100 years to have this soil land and it’s a perfect gift to human from mother nature.
Penampang, Town
The clear blue sky on Penampang Town , a self sustain community. Most of them are growing paddy for own consumption.
Organic Lemon, Lemon tree
A visit to organic lemon farm at Kuala Biah and we do found out that organic lemon can be eaten just like an apple. Our experience on the lemon is sweet, tasty and not too sour and it is best to be eaten together with the skin!
Jungle walk, Kuala Biah, Sabah
After our visit to the lemon plantation farm, we do pay a CSR visit to the Murut community villages. It’s kind of adventurous walk and the bad news is, do expect crowd of hungry mosquitoes!
Finally, our walk for the day reached- The Murut Community and along the way, we have to take pre- cautious on the fierce dogs who are keep barking at us. Maybe, we do look like an alien to them. Scary!
The interior of a Murut’s house. They do not enjoy rice cooker, gas or water heater. All they have is wood and basic cooking utensils.
education, family planning
The Muruts’ family. On average, they have 8 to 9 children per family and we have pledge to them a guardian education class and we will be visiting them next year and help them on their education. We named our class, Hills & Cheryl Guardian Class. 🙂
Kelas Teman Baca, Education
Sorry for uploading the picture late. Our self sponsor Guardian Class begins on March 2016. Expected students will be around 40 pax (mixture of secondary and primary). Now, everyone can enjoy basic education.
Wood, House
A tradition build village house and it take some skills during climbing up the entrance stairs.
High Hill
Finally back to civilization and before we head to Kota Kinabalu International Airport, we do drop by at Signal Hill Observatory Tower. KK is a truly blessed state where we have sea, port and the up and coming Sabah International Convention Hall.
Kota Kinabalu, town area
The view of Gaya Street, KK. You can get almost all types of souvenirs from there..the famous Tenom White Coffee which is similar to Ipoh’s white coffee.
Likas Bay, Seaside
Watching kiddies having fun at the Likas Bay seaside but don’t worry, the beach’s water is not all day long murky. Besides swimming, there is a track for runners & cyclists to enjoy.
Muffins on Birthday!
Just to share some updates that our sponsored “Kelas Teman Baca” children is getting bigger and most of them are hunger for better education. Out of joy, everyone gets a muffin and goodies on my birthday which falls on 2nd July 2016.


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