Accounting Services

Managing company’s cash flow is extremely essential and we are providing a service with tagline “Now, everyone is enjoying compliance!”. Given the wide spectrum of clients we have in, we offer various type of accounting services to suits our clients’ needs, requirements and expectations.

 List of Accounting Services (Bookkeeping):

What is Finalization of Accts means: Finalisation of Accounts refers to closing the books of accounts for the particular period of time. This includes verification of account balances, passing adjustment, journal entries, preparing trail balance, preparing Profit & Loss Account and balance-sheet for the same period, etc. This helps to give a clear picture of the financial performance of the organisation during the year and to give the financial position of the organisation at the end of the year.

Our history:

We are truly blessed to be given the chance of providing accounting with financial services at Cameron Highlands, Pahang. Our new accounting firm’s address is at SI-G-12, Somersquare 1, Cameron Golden Hills, 39000, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Pahang.

We are expecting the renovation works begins on July 2016 and a business opening ceremony on Aug 2016.

Cameron Highlands, cool air
We are only taking the ground floor as office while the upper floor are all apartments.
Golden Hills, Cameron Highlands, Accounting firm at brinchang
The newly built shop lots with apartments at Golden Hills, Brinchang, Cameron Highlands. The environment is nice and clean.
The mist in cameron, LBS group in cameron
The on-going development just opposite our shop. First time, watching the mist going through the constructions.
Raining at Cameron
Our firm’s front view. A rainy afternoon at Cameron means real COOL breeze at our office.
the interior design of the shop, skeleton shop
The interior design of the shop with 24 ft wide with 31 ft long. By looking at the skeleton shop, it’s reminds me of my humble beginnings at Ipoh’s first firm.
Luxury Vinyl Tiles, Kim House Ipoh
Sadly to say, our landlord are not providing tiles for us which means we have to get it ourselves and we are going for Luxury Vinyl Tiles @ Be ready for plenty of quality choices at Kim House Tiling & Sanitary Sdn. Bhd.
Wood Flooring 2
Not believing on what I saw just now? This is one of the showroom of comprehensive tiles product at Kim House, Ipoh.
Renovation begins!!
Hi! For those who follow our Cameron’s branch news, we had requested quotations from partition and electrical technicians. On our office, we will chose Modern & Contemporary design for our office. Keep excited ya!
Initial sketch!
Luckily, I still kept the few last pages of graph paper usage during my Form 6 years. Kudos to KT Goo, our initial layout will be something like this sketch. Not bad, right?
Colour Paint, MCI Paints
The paint needed for our Cameron’s office and this round we are going to paint the office ourselves on 30th June 2016. Will it be hard since we are not used to be painter..then our answer is “hendak seribu daya, tak hendak seribu dalih.” and the English’s similar version will be “Where there’s a will, there’s a way!” The colour paint in total costs us around RM 650.00 plus.
Painting, Nippon
Painting job done by us and it takes us one day to complete it on 30th June 2016. We got some friends in asking us “why not give the painting job to the professional painter..? For us, we are just simply want to enjoy the entrepreneur’s process from zero to “something”. Gosh, the painting works nearly killed our body!
Licensing, Cameron Highlands.
This is our application form in applying license for hanging up advertisement board at our Cameron’s Firm and it’s taken a quite huge of effort to compile the documents for application; tenancy agreement, Certificate of compliance, Surat sokongan bomba, Company incorporation documents and applicant’s profile.
Invitation Card
Once again, with the ever popular design by Treze Purple, our invitation card is out for circulation. If you happen to pass by Cameron Highlands, please do drop by and enjoy our own-crafted Opening Ceremony Event on 1st of August 2016.
Cameron Bunting
For marketing purpose, we are going to get our nice design buntings in hanging around Cameron’s townships from few days. The pic is nice taken by my schoolmate: Les Marrieqq Wedding Boutique. Some said, we got celebrity feel. So nice!
floweries from CH
Finally, all renovations are over and it’s time for Opening Ceremony! We received quite alot of flower from everyone! Thanks!
The simple interior design of the office with GREEN concept and space sharing concept.
Touching Lion's Head
In business. we Chinese do believe that touching the Lion’s head means having great luck in business! Therefore, we are touching it to the MAX!
Firecrackers means great luck is everywhere! We both enjoyed during the firecrackers session.
Having buffet dinner with our friends and family. At Cameron, the weather is so nice that everyone wears sweater for more comfy feelings.
Singing is a must with our friends!


1.Yearly (每年) @ RM 800- RM 2,800.00 per annum;

Accounts Checklist in PDF VersionHC Accts Checklist IPH

Expences Deductions in PDF Version: HC Checklist Business Deductions

2.Monthly(每月) @ RM 500.00- RM 700.00 monthly;

3. Cash flows projections @ RM 1,000.00 per report;

4. Financial presentations with related stakeholders or shareholders @ RM 1,000.00 per report;

5. Representing client in managing matters with Inland Revenue Board (Income Tax) @ RM 250.00 per hour;

6. Finalization of Accts from minimum of RM 1,000.00 (depends of complexity of accounts).