Humanitarian Help on Flood Victims in Perak @ 2014

Penknife, help, shawn
Opening up food tins in bulk. Gosh, it is more tiring than a day at office!
Finish, packing, smile
With volunteers in packing of groceries into individual bags.
embracing flood, dangerous, bridge
Drive safe or fall into a river. We are going to the village in order to help!
good, naughty, climb
CK Chong climbs and unload goods from truck with some volunteers helping around.
Truck, unload, black, hot
Help is needed during unloaded. As usual, we must maintain a good cool head.
Female, pads, sanitary
MD CK Chong in giving some daily groceries to some of the victims.

Your business should happen?

A serious note to entrepreneurs in asking oneself; should my business happen? 1. The business’s cause? Questions: a. What are