Blood Donation Day at Ipoh Parade

Newspaper, happy ending, blood donation
Be a hero by donate blood.
520 GoGoGo
Blood Donation Campaign in Ipoh Parade May 1-3, 2015
Trolley, Start, Blue shirt
The behind scene before the event of blood donation.
China Press coverage
Our event coverage on the Chinese Newspaper.
Blood Donor Heroes
Group Photo with Ipoh Love & Care Society
cheryl and buddy
Cheryl with her friends.
Cheryl and her friends during blood donation day
Cheryl used to hold pen but for this event, she wears an apron for it. 🙂
Crocs with ILCS
CK Chong and his ILCS members presenting a gift for the young boy.
ILCS with reporters
CK explaining to the press about the event with our sponsors.
ILCS with sponsors
Thank you and thumbs up with fellow sponsors!
ILCS with Tan Sri
Thumbs up event with Tan Sri Chang.
Jeremy and Ck
My buddy, Jeremy is saving lives here!
Receiving support from Eris Yew
Receiving support from Eris Yew, the director of San Yuk Bookstore.
Thank you to Marie Cheong
Thank you, Yen Fen for supporting this ILCS’s blood donation event.

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