Back to School Theme Blood Donation Campaign at John Moh Hall, Sam Tet, Ipoh, Perak at 4th & 5th June 2016.

For this year 2016, we are planning to hold a 2 days blood donation event and registration counter of organ donation at Sam Tet School Hall, Ipoh from 9am to 3pm on 4th & 5th June 2016. Let’s be a hero by donation blood and for your info, a leukemia patient easily takes up 15 packs of blood if there is an emergency.

One the event day, we do have medical checkup for only RM 1 and also a photo booth with joyous theme. Be prepare & be hero on real life and FB!

Blood donation bunting
Our blood donation buntings at town. This is the part of the event marketing in order to reach of 300 packs of blood in 2 days.
Press conference
Having our press conference on 31st May 2016 in promoting our Blood Donation event.
Beautiful organizers.
Cheryl with her best buddies during the press conference.
Press Conference
The press conference in action where we are letting the public know that, our target are 300 packs of blood. Besides public, we are also spreading the information through SMS blasting, whatapps and buntings hanging.
Blood Donation Buntings
Not to be missed was, our pics for the buntings design. The able to perform a blood donation is a real blessing and I’m a regular blood donor.
The event’s marketing bunting at the school hall. R u ready?
Spirit of entrepreneur, CSR
The event’s stand bunting where we are associated to give back to the society together with our entrepreneur friends.
Sam Tet
On the event day where our good buddies, Jeremy, Chee Sing and Johnsen bro in action on promoting the event to the public. Too great!!
Blood donation in Ipoh
Yes, I’m proudly associated with the blood donation event.
Lion Dance in Ipoh
This is when Blood Donation marketeers met up with lion dance troupe. It’s a perfect combination.
One of group photo together with our co organizers and brothers from Perak Chinese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (PCCCI). We are one big happy family.
China press, Sin Chew Paper
With our main organizers; Brother Sam Mah and Johnsen bro in giving information to the Chinese press. Somehow, today I’m feeling YOUNG. For day 1, we are able to collect a total of 84 packs of blood.
Blood Donation Hall floor plan
Planning and picture credit to KT Goo as he is the floor director who plans the blood donation flow area. For those who wants to organize the event, you may use this floor plan as reference.
Blood Donating
As part of the co-organizer, we do support blood donation also. Blood donating is not painful at all and after each donation, you will need 3 months to recover for the next blood donation.
Donation to school
Although is not my alma mater but we do appreciate everyone’s effort in bringing up the younger generation.
I love Chinese Calligraphy.
Our firm’s CSR English we call it: There is Love in mankind. By the way, thank you to the Sam Tet student who writes this Chinese Calligraphy for us.


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