A visit to Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak-kanak Cacat Setia @ Silibin, Ipoh, Perak.

We are truly blessed when we take our first visit to the special children home @ Silibin. The children need a lot of attention and financially support as well. As we talked to the principal, Mdm Sin Kuan Lin, she told us that the cost of managing a home starts from RM 2,000 for the home rental which have not calculated salary, food, utilities, medical and upkeeping. So, the public are welcome to make donation to the home as a kind gesture of support. Please visit the website for further info: www.pjkkcs.com

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Bought up some groceries before paying a visit to the home on 1st of November 2015.
Special Childcare, children, Silibin
Pertubuhan Jagaan Kanak- Kanak Cacat Setia, a home for the special children.
Gather before making a round of visit into the home. Our background pics are those children who are having fried rice for lunch.
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Some the them which can’t even to hold a bowl of rice. 🙁
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The groceries arrived and unloading are in process. What we bought: rice, shampoo, oil, bread, noodles, salt and washing detergents.
soft bones
The child with a soft back bone resulting him unable to sit, stand and play like other children. All he can do is lying around watch others running around and play.
Down syndrome
Some of the down syndrome children and hyper active children enjoying our delivered fried rice with egg. They considered quite normal but abandoned by their parents.
The adults. They can chat with you but don’t expect a full response. Make some time with them and you will know their story.
The boy at the wheel chair which is unable to move. All he can do is look around with no emotion at all while the standing boy is quite normal but only can’t speak well.
Shoes rack
The well arranged shoes rack by the school going children. So, what is your reasons of not arranging well of your own shoes rack?
canon 7d
Saying goodbye is the hardest thing to do. Anyhow, we will come back soon for the next visit.

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