16 September 2015 Ipoh Trip with ILCS’s children.

breakfast group, B&L
Having our breakfast sponsor by B & L cafe before starting our 1 day trip.
Treze Purple, design
Our event outing T-shirt for the day.
T-shirt Back
The generous sponsors for the event where Hills & Cheryl is the main sponsor for the event.
thumbs up, cheryl
As Cheryl making her round of food hunting, the photographer able to capture her’s thumbs UP!
camera, nikon
Hey, what is so funny out there? The cameraman of the day!
sponsors, GAFS, Ipoh
A huge clap to KT Goo as one of the event sponsor for the Ipoh 1 day trip.
Ipoh Rock Garden
Allocated some time for our “we-fie” or “couple-fie”
Boss, Rock Garden
Thank you to the owner of Ipoh’s Rock Garden Mr Chong for the trip’s free entry to Rock Garden. The scenery is simply amazing!
Restaurant, Chinese
Thanks for the chinese stimboat lunch. Marvelous!
satay sauce, chilli, spritzer
Everyone participants enjoying their dinner. Feeling blessed!
Yummy, ice cream, walls
Thank your for being with us!
Canon, Nikon, behind the scene
Some behind the scenes of the children visiting my office.
Laugh, effort, preseverance
Sharing my views and answering “why you need to study hard?” As we know by studying and learning hard, it is one of the way to get our from poverty.¬†
Smile, videography
Sharing our views and why it is important to give back to the society when you are able.


Your business should happen?

A serious note to entrepreneurs in asking oneself; should my business happen? 1. The business’s cause? Questions: a. What are