Feel free to write to us regarding of Registrar of Society (ROS).

Our services for Registrar of Society are as follow:

1.To register a new Non Government Society and opening of current bank accounts at RM 800.00 excluded SST and reimbursement of pocket expenses;

Information needed:

a. Name of the Society;

b. Registered Society Address;

c. Members' Listing ( Yang Dipertua, Timbalan Pengerusi, Setiausaha, Penolong Setiausaha , Bendahari , Ahli Jawatankuasa &  Ahli Jawatankuasa);

d. The society's function & mission;

e. Membership's requirement and fees;

f. Any flags involve?

2.To be appointed as in-house Secretary for the Society at RM 300.00 monthly with minimum engagement of 6 months;


a. accurate recollection of decisions (communication role);

b. determination of eligibility to vote (agenda & meeting minutes role);

c. continuity of policies and practices (maintenance of updated documents);

d. accountability of directors and officers (liaise with Authorities, Management & State Representative Members);

e. a registered address for the Society with receptionist services (8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. from Monday to Friday);

Receptionist service

A registered address and 8 office-hours receptionist service from Monday to Friday.

f. administrator for a whatapps or telegram chatroom;

g. compliance governance and advisory role;

h. updating at ROS's directory from time to time;

i. follow up with appointed lawyer if any Hire-Purchase or Sales & Purchase materialize;

j. Courier services to members.

3. AGM or EGM event at RM 250.00 per hour.

Work tasks inclusive of :

a. Sending out AGENDA through Registered Mail and Email to all members;

b. Listening and preparing Meeting Minutes in English;

c. Distributing to President, Secretary, Treasurer and State Representatives in within 7 days;

d. Usage of BoardRoom meeting room;

e. Submission to ROS.

The BoardRoom

BoardRoom Meeting Room

4. Accounting works starts from RM 1,200.00 to RM 2,200.00 per year.

LHDN Tax Ruling on Clubs, Association and SimilarLHDN Tax Ruling for Club, Association and Similar

5. Application of tax exemption receipt from LHDN- TBA.

Criteria for approvalTax Exempted Donation for Society


a. All services are not inclusive of SST and out of pocket reimburse money.