06th Sept 2019

Trip is arrange in flying off to Jeju Island on XX-XX-2019.

Attached are our tentative.

1.First of all, preparing our SIM Card (https://www.soyacincau.com/2019/09/04/airasia-traveller-sim-roaming-data/ )ahead so that we can connect with Malaysia anytime. At per written that, we are only need to pay RM 30 for 1 week.

2. Bus is arranged by our trip mate where everyone gather at MH Hotel (Ipoh Garden @ 11pm).

3. We will bring along RM 3,000 worth Korean Dollars and see what we can buy later on.

4. Just come to know that Typhoon LingLing is happening at Jeju Island now and our flight had been reschedule to 11 am flight on 7th Sept 2019.