JeJu Island (Korea)

06th Sept 2019

Trip is arrange in flying off to Jeju Island, Korea on 07th Sept 2019 till 12th Sept 2019.

Written below are our journey:

1.First of all, we got connection covered as we use data roaming which is RM 38.00 daily as charged by Maxis.

2. Bus is arranged by our trip mate where everyone gather at MH Hotel (Ipoh Garden @ 11pm).

3. We will bring along RM 4,500.00 worth Korean Won and see what we can buy later on.

4. Just come to know that Typhoon LingLing is happening at Jeju Island now and our flight had been reschedule to 11 am flight on 7th Sept 2019 and resulting a few hours sleep at the Capsule Transit ( ) sleeping pod which cost us RM 230.00 plus plus for a queen sized bed sleeping pod.

CapsuleTransit 3 in 1
The sleeping pods in Capsule Transit at KLIA 2.

5. So far so good except some turbulence during the flight and we reached Hotel Tong by night and we took a walk around Jeju town after our dinner but however, the pricing is quite out of hand for ordinary Malaysians as almost everything are in US dollars. The sleeping experience at Hotel Tong is good, comfy but the size is just good.

Hotel Tong
Hotel Tong at Jeju Island
Tong Hours
Hotel Tong’s operation hours and contact
Jeju Town Street
The walking street of Jeju shopping street

6. Koreans prefer meat with Kim Chi hot plates as the weather at Jeju is just nice and cold. So, we just tag along eat just like how the locals eat. As for the meal, we are allow to add on the side dishes as along as we can finish it so I took a lot of Kim Chi and in return, it does wonder on my digestive system.

Kim Chi Set
The Meat Hotplate with Kim Chi Set
The kim chi meat plate
The flavored meat plate where we ate a lot of it.

7. After a good rest at Hotel Tong, it’s about time to have what the locals have for daily breakfast and the portion for it are quite big: technically, the set is for one but it takes 2 person to have it or maybe we are small eaters? The cost per person to have it is around RM 18.00 and do remember to check on the menu first before ordering a meal.

An ordinary breakfast set for 2
The breakfast set and also Korean style dumplings for breakfast.
Soup Noodles
A closer look on the Korean style soup noodles

8. The incoming destination will be a 20 to 30 minutes to Manjanggul Lava Tube cave ( ) where it’s an total new experience for us in walking about 2 km in total with total darkness and under 14 Celcius. Worry not, the tube is no longer having lava but you will need to bring along umbrella or rain vests as the water from the cave is dripping heavily. As I’m walking inside the cave, the feeling is like somehow similar to exploring Resident Evil’s underground laboratory.

Manjanggul Cave
The walking path at Manjanggul Cave and be careful as it is very slippery.
The lawa flow of Manjanggul Cave
The lava path and and it’s truly amazing feel when you are touching the lava path as the rocks are smooth and curvy!
Temperature Manjanggul Cave
The temperature at 14 Celcius and this is what we call, chilling!

9. After attending Mun gor and Susan’s J son wedding and again, we are good to go on another round of sight seeing at Innisfree Green tea plantation (, Geumnung Beach and also a coffee break at famous Jeju’s coffee street at 2540 Aewol-ri, Aewol-eup, Cheju, Jeju-do, South Korea ( ). A short break with cuppa of Americano is a way to cool and see if you meet up G-Dragon chilling at of the Cafe Aewol Monsant.

Innisfree 2 in 1
A pleasant view with a set of breakfast consisting fried pumpkin sticks, hamburger and cuppa of Americano.
The cafe Street
It’s cool to have a cuppa at Cafe Aewol Monsant 카페 애월 드 몽상

10. Before venturing further, we dropped by at a seaside noodles house running by few young chefs and they only have one item on the menu: seafood ramen with a big crab.

Crab Noodles
The crab and seafood ramen and within minutes..
Crab leftovers
The leftovers and empty shells by our group of friends

11. Before taking the flight on 13 Sept 2019, so our last stop is at the famous underground shopping mall where the pricing of skin care products are far more affordable and worth to buy if compare to all duty free shop. See if you can drop by at JeJu Dongmun Market ( ) and shop till you drop but be aware that, there are plenty of Gates for you to enter and exit.

JEJU Dongmun Market
The Jeju Dongmun Market Gate 3
Jeju Market
The JeJu market where the local do their shopping and groceries

12. On 13th Sept 2019, we checked out by 11 a.m. and reached our residence at Ipoh by 3 a.m. Although the journey back home is ass painful nevertheless, the journey is blessed and it’s a good excursion for everyone!

13. While I’m writing this blog, my next trip will be Bogor, Indonesia at December 2019.

Global Geopark
Having fun and pics taking at JeJu Island Geopark ( )


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