Over the years of consulting, we have addressed the common questions and concerns for our clientele.

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1. My business is running well and profitable but I can’t see any cash for me;

2. What is the difference if I pay more allowance instead of higher basic salary;

3. I’m stressed that I can’t submit my tax on time as my bookkeeping staff suddenly resigns;

4. Something is amiss in my accounts and how do it define it.

Income Tax

1. I’m paying quite a lot of tax. What can i do?

2. What other expenses can i deduct in my profit and loss accounts?

3. I’m in mid of setting up another trading company in order to buy my manufactured products.

4. Shall I buy a car under my personal name or my company’s name?

5. What is the fine rate for income tax’s late submission?

6. I have something in mind for my tax planning: Enterprise vs Limited Liability Vs Sdn. Bhd.

Company Secretarial Services

1. What are the procedures to set up a Sdn. Bhd.;

2. I need to change to another company secretary, what shall I do?

3. Will be burdensome in order to operate my business using the Sdn. Bhd.

4. The benefits of a Sdn. Bhd. and how do I make use it become my advantages.

5. The creditors are calling me non-stop and I’m stressed. Can I just wind up my company?

6. What is the difference between having 2 partners instead of 3 partners in Sdn. Bhd.


1. I’m late in submitting my annual return to SSM. What shall I do?

2. What are audit rate in Malaysia and is it standard among other auditors?

3. What are the usage of an audit report?

4. How do I value my stock and work in progress?

5. Will stock audit takes me a lot of my time and can it be arranged?

Goods and Services Tax

1. I’m in mid of managing cost-cutting of my operation, can I just outsource my monthly accounting job to an accounting firm?

2. My business just hit the GST threshold, what shall I do?

3. My product range are about thousands. Can you help me to identified it?

4. IRB is coming to pay me a visit and it’s not good to me. Can I have a representative to be with me?

5. I’m used to claim more input tax than ever. Would it like “inviting” IRB to visit me?

6. I’m GST registered person. What do I need to do in collecting GST?

Business Advisory

1. I’m in sunset of my business. Is there anything I can do?

2. Crowdfunding seems great. Can I do it?

3. I’m the owner of a Sdn. Bhd. Can I raise my funds through selling of preference shares?

4. I’m a minority shareholder of a company. What are my rights?

5. I used to participate in international business trade. Any grants for me to utilize?

6. My business is small. Shall I proceed with filling of my corporate taxes?

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Your business should happen?

A serious note to entrepreneurs in asking oneself; should my business happen? 1. The business’s cause? Questions: a. What are