Our life is strategised and so is your business where you will need to combine 3 resources to make things happen:

i. Money (M)

ii. Energy (E)

iii. Time (T)

From here, our expertise comes in to how to OPTIMISE the usage of MET, eliminate wastage and creating your Unique Selling Point (USP).


Advisory & Troubleshoot:

1.Marketing and Global Business Strategies;

2.Trend and Fore-sights in Business Strategies;

3.Financial Decision Making (Coming Soon);

4.Management Control and Decision Making (Coming Soon);

5.Human Capital Transformation (Coming Soon);

6.Corporate Governance  (CG) @ RM 2,000.00 for 20 pages of 16 standards of good CG and RM 250.00 per hour for workshop on how to make profit by utilizing CG as such chair-ing a meeting or relationship with shareholders;

7.Corporate Emotional & Critical Thinking (Coming Soon);

Corporate Write-Up (我们的专业咨询和公司报告):

1.Business planning, set- up and investors' proposal write-up;

2.Credit and Collection letters;

3.Employment & Human Resources Letters (handbook, termination, employment, warning, hiring and                             motivation);

4.Financial report and profit analysis @ RM 150.00 per page of financial report analysis;

5.Corporate Entry Strategies Agreements (shareholding, joint venture, partnerships and job scope analysis);


"Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans." - Allen Saunders