Managing company’s cash flow is extremely essential and we are providing a service with tagline "Now, everyone can afford an accountant!". Given the wide spectrum of clients we have in, we offer various type of accounting services to suits our clients' needs, requirements and expectations.

     List of Accounting Services (Bookkeeping):

  1. Yearly (每年);
  2. Half yearly;
  3. Monthly(每月);
  4. Cash flows;
  5. Back log accounting;
  6. Financial presentations with related stakeholders or shareholders (与相关利益相关者或股东的财务报告);
  7. Consolidation of accounts;
  8. Preparing of cash flow statements and analysis (准备现金流量表和分析);
  9. Budgeting;
  10. Project accounting;
  11. Representing client in managing matters with Inland Revenue Board (Income Tax);