When it’s time for business meet up, do it at the right time with the right space. We provide complete Rental of boardroom in Ipoh, suitable for;

  1. Directors with shareholders’ meeting;
  2. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM);
  3. Annual General Meeting (AGM);
  4. Effective training with preview;
  5. Project presentations;
  6. Corporate photo shooting
boardroom rental in Ipoh

Boardroom to rent in Ipoh

meeting room or board room rental with wifi
meeting room or board room rental with Projector
meeting room or board room rental with Drawing Board
Drawing Board
Coffee & Drinks
Pen & Papers
Premium boardroom rental in Ipoh
Premium Meeting Room
Rental Cost
RM 50.00/ hour
Maximum Usage
5 hours/ day
Professional Minutes taking
RM 250.00/ hour

Value added services:

boardroom rental in Ipoh with beverages
Refreshments services (Halal-certified) by a local appointed caterer.

Tips for a FRUITFUL meeting:

A a leader or chairman of the meeting, you can ask your team to:

  1. keep the conversation on track when it diverges or gets repetitive;
  2. call on people who have not yet spoken;
  3. hold people back if they are dominating the conversation;
  4. ask clarifying questions when you need someone to elaborate.

After the meeting, follow up by:

  1. completing the action items by the deadlines you set;
  2. not sharing the conversation with others without permission;
  3. sending written thank you notes to participants (when appropriate);
  4. following up with people to ensure their comments were addressed to their satisfaction.