Our experience professionals will be providing all your company secretarial needs which allow business owner to focus on his business. Regardless of your office’s location, the requested documents can reach to u in 3 to 7 work days.

The company secretarial services (公司秘书服务) are as:

1/Incorporation of a New Company and Setup Services;

1.Preparing minutes (AGM, EGM, annual return and minute’s book);

2.Acting as Corporate Secretary;

3.Safekeeping of Company Common Seal;

4.Ensuring compliance to Companies and Income Tax Act;

5.Striking of a Company;6.

6.Change of A Company Name or Company Secretary;

7.Company & Business Name Search;

8.Registered Office for New Start-ups;

9.Keeping of Statutory Records;

10.Filling of Annual Returns;

11.Organizing an Annual General Meeting (AGM)or Emergency General Meeting (EGM); 

12.Increase of Authorised Capital;

13.Allotment of Ordinary Shares & Preference Shares and Shares Transfer;

14.Change of Business Nature;

15.Change of Object Clause;

16.Certified True Copy.

For new company set up, our clients will be needed to prepare this info for us:

Checklist - Company Incorporation

In Malaysia, incorporation means creating a new company where it is recognized as a legal business entity and is protected under the Malaysian Companies Act 1965. Incorporating of a company has numerous of benefits which are:

i. Separating between owner and the company

Owners/shareholders/ directors or managers now having peace of mind in doing their business as his personal assets are safeguarded against the lawsuits or claims from creditors; from example, if the company goes bankruptcy, it is only limited to the amount of investment into the company but not the personal assets of the owners.

ii. Working capital raising through sale of shares

Owners can raise working capital through the selling of ordinary or preference shares at promised yearly dividends.

iii. Business's sustainability

The business can withstood generations and almost at "infinity" stage where it's existence is not affected by death of it's directors, managers, shareholders or even managing director as the shares can be easily transferable through legal procedures.

iv. Credit scores

It is a norm when owners are to get business loans from bank and the good news is the company can build a separate credit history by applying using the company's credit but please make sure that the company's bank statement is in active and positive mode.

v. Government funds, grants and projects

Some available government funds, grants or projects are only made available from Sdn. Bhd. companies as the project needs to refer to Form 24, 44 and from 49. For example, only Sdn. Bhd. companies are allowed to claim Matrade's export grant.

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