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Ms. Wong Cheah Ling (Chartered Accountant)

Managing company’s cash flow is extremely essential and wit the wide spectrum of clients we have in, we offer various type of accounting services to suits our clients' needs, requirements and expectations. Among the entities that we are doing:

Entities: Individuals, Sole Proprietors, Partnerships (Entreprise), PLT, Private Limited (Sdn. Bhd.) and SME.

 List of Accounting Services (Bookkeeping= P & L and Balance Sheet):

Scenario 1Yearly accounting fees (每年) @ range from RM 800 (dormant) - RM 2,800.00 per annum for a sales turnover per annum from RM 50,000.00 to RM 399,999.00.

a. Accounts Checklist in PDF Version for Sole Proprietor, Enterprise & LLP : T.B.A

b. Accounts Checklist in PDF Version for Sdn. Bhd. & BerhadAccounting Checklist - SB

Scenario 2Monthly accounting fees (每月) @ range from RM 500.00- RM 1,000.00 monthly per annum for a sales turnover per annum of RM 400,000.00 and above.

**We will not provide General Ledger to clients as to protect our intellectual property and it's highly confidential.

** Pricing of monthly accounts will be different with referring to the amount of our work.

3. Cash flows projections @ range from RM 300.00 per page;

4. Financial presentations with related stakeholders or shareholders @ RM 250.00 per hour;

5. Representing client in managing matters with Inland Revenue Board (Income Tax) @ RM 250.00 per hour;

6. Finalization of Accounts from minimum of RM 1,000.00 (depends of complexity of accounts);

7. Housekeeping of documents fees (Yearly from RM 100.00- RM 300.00 as it depends to quantity of house-keep);

8. Site visit with consultation @ RM 250.00 per hour.

 (Our define of messy is where documents are no being filled accordingly to our accounts checklist resulting we need to re-arrange the docs for easy reference)

Standard Tax Invoice

A sample of standard Tax Invoice


House keep of documents service start from RM 300.00 per company

 What is Finalization of Accounts means: Finalization of Accounts refers to closing the books of accounts for the particular period of time. This includes verification of account balances, passing adjustment, journal entries, preparing trail balance, preparing Profit & Loss Account and balance-sheet for the same period, etc. This helps to give a clear picture of the financial performance of the organisation during the year and to give the financial position of the organisation at the end of the year.