Package Fee for Income Tax and Corporate Tax in Malaysia.                                                                a.Personal Income Tax (Form BE, B,M or MT) Submission @ from RM 200.00;

b.Form P Submission (Partnership Enterprise) @ from RM 250.00 per company;

c. Form C Submission (Sdn. Bhd.) @ a minimum charge of RM 800.00 per annum.


  • Please take note that submission got deadlines, clients are expected to follow our timeline in submitting documents as we are not to hold any responsibilities of penalties from late submission.
  • All hard copy of tax related documents are to be retain for 7 years under client's care.
  • We will advise accordingly on tax matters either virtually of face to face.
  • A checklist will be given to our client in order for them to prepare the hardcopy for us.

Deadlines of Tax Filling in Malaysia:

i. Form EA by employer to employee shall not be later than last day of February of the subsequent year.

ii. The deadline for Form BE, M, MT & BT by a individual who is not running a business (employee) is by 30th April of the subsequent year.

iii. For sole proprietor who needs to fill in Form B, the deadline is by 30th June of the subsequent year.

iv. The deadline of filling Form P (enterprise with partnerships) excluding limited liability partnerships (LLPs) is by 30th June of the subsequent year.


We call it tax submitting season on April and June everyear.

Section 4 of the 1967 Income Tax Act (

Consequently, this also applies to people past the retirement age. As long as your pensions amount to more than RM34,001 per year (or RM46,001, if you’re married), for example, you still have to pay taxes on that. Basically, based on Section 4 of the 1967 Income Tax Act, you have to pay taxes if you receive any of the following:

  1. Profits from a business;
  2. Profits from a job;
  3. Dividends, interest or discounts;
  4. Rents, royalties or premiums;
  5. Pensions, annuities or any other periodical payments not mentioned previously;
  6. Any kind of profit from anything else this Act forgets to mention.

Ensure your tax payable is clear before travelling.