We are commited to deliver the accounting report with cost effective, integrity and confidentiality. Below are the types and professional fees of tax filling:

1. Limited Company (i.e Sdn. Bhd.) 有限公司 (Form C) @ tax submission minimum @ RM 800.00;         

2. Sole Proprietor or Enterprise (Form B) @ RM 200.00 @ tax submission dateline is 30th June yearly;

3. Partnership 合伙(Form P) @ RM 200.00;

4. Individual 个人(Form BE) @ RM 200.00 @ tax submission dateline is 30th Apr yearly; 

5. Tax consultation 税务咨询 @ RM 250.00 per hour;

6. Application of Tax Clearance Certificate @ RM 300 per certificate.

7. Opening a tax file for Company (Form C & E ) @ RM 150.00, BE (income from employment) tax file @ RM 150.00 and B (income from business) tax file @ RM 150.00.


Processing time of tax clearance in Malaysia

The processing time for your tax clearance letter is 10 working days from the date the application was received by LHDN. You may receive the letter within a week also.

Documents needed for tax clearance

To apply for the tax clearance certificate according to Malaysian Tax system, you need the following documents.

  • Original Passport ( This will be returned back immediately after the copy of the passport is verified)
  • Copy of all pages of your current passport
  • Form CP21/22A/23A: The form appropriate for your need with all the information completely filled and duly signed.
  • EA form – Company will give this form every year .Keep form for all the years you have worked in Malaysia.
  • BE form for current year
  • NR 51: List of stampings made in Malaysia in your passport.
  • Pay slip (Not mandatory)
  • PCB II Letter

Before submitting the documents you need to find out the LHDN outlet that is processing your income tax returns. You cannot submit the documents to any other LHDN outlet as they won’t process your application.


The above tax computation pricing is applicable if the bookkeeping is done by us. For those which is not, we will charge an additional professional review fees @ minimum of RM 700.00- RM 1,000.00 which is depends on the complexity of the review work.

This is the Summary of all IRB Due Dates and you may print it out as IMPORTANT REMINDER: 

PDF Version: IRB Duedates In Malaysia


Personal Tax Relief for Year 2018 : Official 2018 Personal Tax Relief

Personal Tax Relief for Year 2017: Official 2017 Personal Tax Relief