Checklist of ESD (Directors' Visa Application) & DP 10 (Professional Workers' Visa Application)  (Date updated: 11th April 2017)

Professional Workers' Visa

Read and understand before hiring foreigners for the job in Malaysia

For the employment in all other sectors, a prior approval of post is required from concerned authorized body through Expatriate Committee(EC).

The Checklist for Director's Visa Application & DP 10: Director Visa Application Checklist

Jobs reserved for Malaysians and company are not encouraged to hire foreigners: Biz-Not-4-foreigners 2018

The company on which you may apply work permits must have the minimum share PAID-UP CAPITAL as follows before Oct 2017:

1. Equity                                      Capital (RM)

   100% local owned                    250,000

   Local & Foreign owned           350,000

   100% foreign owned                500,000

After Oct 2017

1a. Equity                                      Capital (RM)

       100% local owned                 250,000

       Local & Foreign owned        750,000

       100 % Foreign owned           1,000,000

2. Expatriate applicant must have a university degree or more than 5 years relevant experience.

3. The business concept has to be unique, bring benefit to the Malaysia’s economy as well as employment for the trade license to be approved under the 100% foreign owned structure.

4. The minimum salary must be RM 5000.00 monthly and above.


i. 100% Foreign Owned – minimum paid up capital of RM500,000.00 for advisory and consultancy businesses and minimum paid up capital of RM1 million for import, export, restaurant and trading businesses.


Relax with this blue sea after tonnes of requirements.

Definition of Job Positions qualifying for Expatriate Professional work permits:-


These are high level (1st level) managerial post in foreign-owned private companies and organizations in Malaysia. Key post are posts essential for business to safeguard their interest and investment and this expatriates are responsible in helping organizations to achieve it. EXAMPLE: Executive Chairman, CEO, MD, General Manager, Technical Director, Factory or Production Manager.

Executive Post

They are intermediate level (2nd level) which is managerial and professional posts and normally the post requires academic qualifications, technical and expertise related to the respective jobs where they are the one to responsible to implement the organization's policies and supervision of employees. EXAMPLE: Marketing Manager, Logistic Manager, QA Manager, Engineers or Doctors.

Non-Executive Post

The person needed to perform technical jobs that required technical skills. EXAMPLE: Fashion Designer, Mould Maker, Food Technologist or Welder. The chances of a successful application will be assessed on the criteria:

  •  Company's activities;
  • Availability of Malaysian workforce;
  • The appropriateness of the scope of the job in relation to the company's activity;
  • Minimum monthly salary in defining the applicant is an expatriate of a foreign labour;
  • The age and working experience is determining the candidate is suitable or not.


The criteria in becoming the tax resident:

Tax Resident Criteria