Professional Fees for Accounts Services (bookkeeping):

Packages Available                  Fees (RM)

1. Monthly Bookkeeping         From RM 700.00;     

2. Annual Bookkeeping           From  RM 1,200.00;

3. Analysis of Accounts           From  RM 1,200.00;


 i. In order to keep the accounting cost as low as possible, you will need to follow our accounting filing system which will be given upon consultation meet up either virtually or face to face;

ii. We will be providing value added service of professional consultation for managing cash flow @ RM 250 per consultation session; 

iii. Our clients will be given a set of Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet for filing purpose as good bookkeeping ensures good business decision- making and accurate financial management during finalization of accounts;

iv. All pricing are excluding 6 % GST charges.

Package Fees for Accounts Supporting Services:

1.Filling and submission of FORM E @ RM 150.00 and as for staff is at RM 10.00 per staff;

2. Monthly Payroll at minimum of RM 500.00 monthly for 1 to 7 staff and additional staff will be at RM 50.00 per staff.

3.Filling and submission of CP 204 (Company Tax Estimation) @ RM 150.00.

Remarks: All pricing are excluding  % GST.


Advantages of Accounts Outsourcing:

1.Clients not needed to invest in purchasing accounting software;

We are using our own licensed accounting software- Million Accounting Software which means clients are to be expected giving us their hard copy for ledger purposes.

2. Cost effective;

There are no hidden fees and hassle free for both party as we are expecting a good communications between both party. Outsource accounting saves overheads, training cost and staff cost.

3. 100% Focus on business management;

As we take care of your legal & accounts, business owners are to be expected to focus 100% on his business as they no longer worries on accounting staff turnover, skills upgrading, absences, Medical Certificates and honesty issues.

4. Compliance with the rules and regulations.

We will ensure that your Company's accounting related matters are compliance with the Malaysian Tax Acts which means saves you from penalties and troubles.