The following questions were frequently asked by our foreign clients who tends to invest in Malaysia by incorporating a new company in Malaysia.

  • I'm holding a foreign passport and can I incorporate my business here?
  • For now, I must have 2 directors to incorporate the company and will it be the Malaysians?
  • Rumours has it: I must give my 30% shares to a Malaysian!
  • I can't be the director of I'm not holding the visa or permit?

The scary of DOUBT in having business!

Before we move on let's go back to basic in incorporating a company in Malaysia:

  1. At least  2 directors with residential addresses in Malaysia;
  2. The age of the directors must be at least 18 years old;
  3. Staying in Malaysia or has a residential address.
  4. Foreigners do not need Malaysian partners except certain industry;
  5. Foreigners don't need to give our shares to any person.

The rest are commonly like company name, business activities, IC or passport and total paid up. After all, Malaysia is a business friendly country and it's one of great economy tiger of Asia.


Feeling better now, humanoids?