Are you ready to take on the next challenge?


Some people said: Internship is the door to your next chapter of life. Hereby, I'm summarize on how you get most from it.

10 tips that can make you an extraordinary person during starting your career ladder:

1.Introducing yourself to your team mates, co-workers or person around you. 

   Tips: Know yourself well, who are you, your interest, what makes you difference & what can you solve.

2. Speak positively rather than de-motivating or sabotaging.

   Tips: 99% of people dislikes negatively statement and bad impression can be forget but it can be changed.

   Things you can do to make things better: Smile, hand shaking with confidence, introducing yourself and make

   your team mates know that how excited, eager and positive that you are with them. 

3. Having "sharp & clear" on expectations from your immediate superior or the BOSS.

    Tips: It's vital to ask know what is to be expected and piorities during on-the-job. Among the questions which can

    trigger info hunting: To know what is your team doing right now (datelines & submission), the challenges (time 

    frame or hostile clients), & what can you do to help (performing OT, handling clients or housekeeping files).


Pro-active interns must be always in-the-know mode.

4. Asking intelligent questions.

    Tips: Demonstrating curiosity and desire to improve is good but asking non-sense and repeated questions makes

    yourself looks stupid, naive and nuisance. Since you have plenty of time, why not take charge your job first and 

    ask questions while you are doing your job. Trust me, you will be asking sensible questions.

5. See through how to make people's life better.

    Tips: You are to make people's life better by offering a helping hand regardless your job or out of your scope. By

     doing this, you are positioning yourself to achieve higher in life.

6. Prioritize sleep for the next day's performance.

    Tips: Lack of sleep generates Medical Certificates, resources wastage, lack of interest and sabotages output.

    To be on top of that, successful people cultivates 6-8 hours of sleep and we will be see-ing a TIGER in you.


Sleep is as crucial as producing quality output at work.

7. Speak out and network.

    Tips: Enjoy mingling during lunch time and whenever is needed. Looking at your handphone makes you having

    a robot looking face.

8. Tracking your performance through performance review.

     Tips: Complete your assessment and review by your senior in self reflecting how far you go. Completes 

      everything in few minutes and you will realize what are the goals being achieved.

9. Be alert on what makes your team mate frustated and giving negative impact.

     Tips: Once you are well versed with the environment, take time to understand what makes that and try to give

     solutions in overcoming the shortage. Nobody is perfect afterall.


Passion leads you to new career heights. Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

10. Never forget your humble beginings.

       Tips: No one owns anyone a living but if you got a mentor, be sure to appreaciate them instead of taking 

       advantage. Your mentor supports, guides, groom and makes you a better person. They will be happy when 

       see-ing you successful and never turn your back to them.