Savor the sophisticated flavors of coffee while spending your time at our TRENDY office.

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with multi flavors & trendy

The experiences:



1. Espresso & Long Black by Luna

Indulge into the blend of Central & South American Arabicas with dark roasted aroma.



2. Cappuccino by Passion & Milk

 The taste of coffee with slight acidity with the end result of Milk's punch.



3. Latte by Sunrise & Milk

A round & balance of nuttiness and mixture blend of Americanos.

Milk Choco

Milk Chocolate

4. Milk Chocolate by Choco & Milk

A Fitness's best friend drink with low-calorie milk and chocolate drink.

5. Mocha by Passion, Choco & Milk

The finest "rich-experiencing" mocha with the blend of chocolate and coffee.

ICED Coffee

ICED Coffee

6. Iced Coffee by Amico

Medium roasted coffee from Central & South America with the notes of cocoa and cloves.

Rose Cappucino

Rose Cappuccino

7. ROSE Cappuccino by In Love

Romantic "LOVE-birds" indulging with well-balanced acidity and low bitterness levels.

8. Affogato by Lonely

The power of 5 continents and roasted into harmonious taste of bitterness. 

9. The Art of Chinese (Coming soon)