We provide incorporation of Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) in Malaysia at only RM 1,802.00 inclusive of SST and it could be done within 3 to 4 working days but beforehand please get prepared on this required info as below:

Incorp LLP

Work Steps to incorp a LLP:

1. You may propose to me the company name that you need: 1st choice and 2nd choice

2. Directors' Identification Card (front and back)

3. Directors' & email address and contact

4. Appointment of Compliance Officer

5. Company's activities

6. Company 's business address if any

7. Directors shareholding

8. Incorporation Fees of RM 1,580.40

9. Submission to SSM

10. Awaiting approval in 3 working days

What we include in LLP's incorporating package?

a. Incorporating a LLP

b. Registration of Tax File

c. PLT Partnership Agreement

d. Stamp Duty of RM 10.00 per agreement

e. Company Chop 

f. LLP's compliance & Compliance Officer checklist

g. LLP's Certificate

h. Opening of bank accounts

i. Drafting of optional LLP's partnership agreement @ RM 300.00

1. Salient Features of LLP: 

a. The LLP is a body corporate and has the legal personality separate from the partners (separate legal entity).

b. LLP is a perpetual succession.

c. Any partnership in the partnership will not affect the existence, right or liberty of the LLP.

d. LLP has unlimited capability and is capable of suing and be sued for it, acquire, owning, holding and develop or dispose of property.

e. LLP may do and suffer such other acts and things as bodies corporate may lawfully do and suffer.

2. Registration of LLP: 

a. By minimum two (2) persons (in whole or in part, an individual or a body corporate);

b. For any lawful business for the purpose of making a profit; and

c .In accordance with the terms of the LLP agreement.

d. LLP Registration Guideline : LHDN LLP Tax & Requirements

3. Who can register?

a. Professionals

b. Small and medium business

c. Joint Venture

d.Venture Capital (Venture Capital)

4. Compliance Officer

a. Registration of LLP is made by the compliance officer appointed by LLP:

b. One of his partners or a person qualified to act as secretary under the Companies Act 1965;

c. At least 18 years old and Malaysian citizen/permanent resident; and

d. Usually living in Malaysia.

e. Ensuring all compliance been updated and Annual Declaration (RM 300.00) to SSM

5. LLP's registered office

a. Accounting records

b. Annual Declaration

c. Notice of Registration

d. Lodged documents with the Registrar

e. The LLP partners agreement

f. Instruments charge to LLP