Incorporate Your Business in Malaysia by registering a Berhad (Bhd.) @ RM 3,100.00 excluding SST charges.

We would like to offer and share our expertise in the Bhd. registration to all future entrepreneurs as we encourage doing business through legal compliance method.

Berhad Company (Berhad) which is known as Malaysian Public Limit company is one of:

i. 2 types of companies limited by shares;

ii. regulated by Companies Act, 2017;

iii. separate legal entity like a normal human being where it can own, borrow, rent, sue, be sued and owns estate with using the owners' name;

iv. shareholders more than 50 person (public or private);

v. can be listed at BURSA through following compliance issued by Securities Commission Malaysia (SCM);

vi. Berhad company to continue function regardless the any changes to the owner even death unless to strike off through procedure by SSM.


We provide incorporation of new company in Malaysia at only RM 3,100.00 not inclusive of SST and it could be done within 3 to 4  working days but beforehand please get prepared on this required info as below:


i. A minimum of 2 directors (IC & Email add) who have a residential address in Malaysia;

ii. A minimum of 2 shareholders (IC & Email add) to complete the incorporation however directors and shareholders can be the same person;

iii. Appointment of at least a CoSec be it in-house or external;

iv. To hold company's statutory meeting within 3 months from the date on the incorporation certificate and the preparation of Statutory Report (Section 142) Sample: FORM 51. Statutory Report. (COMPANIES REGULATIONS, 1966 - P.U. 173_66)


The Incorporation services of a Public Limited Company (Bhd.) service package includes the stated:

a.Checking on availability of company registration name for 2 times (FOC) and an additional of RM 100.00 for 3rd subsequent name search;

b.Appointment of directors (minimum is 2 and up to 4 directors during incorp);

c.Allotment of  of company paid up (minimum RM 2);

d.Standard online registration at SSM;

f.Submission of Form 49 (section 14), 44 (section 14), 24 (section 14) & 9 (section 17) to SSM after registration;

g.Preparing of 1st meeting minutes for board of directors and appointment of auditor;

h.Preparing resolution for the company to open bank account (maximum 2 accounts);

i.3 sets of certified true copies of incorporation documents (including E-copies of the Form 9 (section 17), 49 (section 14), 44 (section 14) & 24 (section 14);

j.Using our registered business address as your Registered Office Address;

k.Free consulting on company's incorporation related matters & shares methodology;

l.Inclusive of company chop, common seal, share certificate book, minutes book & register book;

m.Free compliance business checklist info on the need-to-do matters while doing business in Malaysia;

n. With refer to the new Companies Act 2016, a public limited company (Bhd.) will be owned by at least TWO directors;

o. To prepare a statutory meeting report for the Company's first statutory meeting. FORM 51. Statutory Report. (COMPANIES REGULATIONS, 1966 - P.U. 173_66)


At the end of the financial year, the Company is required to:

i. Completion of Audit report before AGM of the Company;

ii. To have AGM of the Company;

iii. Lodging the Company's Annual Report to SSM.