13th Oct 2019

Our Vision, Mission, Core Values and Goals.


VISION: A thriving society of good governance with impacting positively of lives of millions.

MISSION: To make business, an enjoyment through generations.

How we giving back to the Society, Economic and Environment (SEE): 

1.Society: To train and groom all talents to be competent individuals in aligning Malaysia’s mission in becoming a develop nation by year 2020.

2.Economic: To ensure quality of work done in the most efficient with a reasonable pricing.

3.Environment: Do things right at the first time and ensure ZERO wastage on all resources; be it time, energy’s consumption, financial & physical’s movement.



To achieve our vision, mission and goals; every of us are to share the same values:


i. Honesty: Produce our professional responsibilities through honestly, ethical and fair manner.

ii. Quality: Quality in everything we deliver towards our clients and consistently exceed expectations.

iii. Professional: Ensure that our business associates, partners, clients and employees are continually learning, growing & recognized as knowledgeable and thoughtful individuals in their fields.

iv. Dignity: Treating every individual with dignity, respect and payment’s clearance on-time.

v. Culture: Maintain a professional FIRM image where our culture promotes the importance of career development, life enhancement and work-life balance.

v. Community: Give back to the community in which we LIVE, WORK and PLAY in creating a sustainable society.



i. Minimize Carbon Footprint:

We aim to minimize its environmental footprint throughout our business cycle in looking at the “PAPERLESS” community where we to deliver more by using less papers. For example, sending E-documents by using Whatapps or email and fully utilize both side of the papers. Besides that, we do print out if there only there is a need.

ii. Unleash Human Potential:

In addition to our commitment to deliver professional individuals, we are accepting INTERNS to having internship with us with real life job responsibilities. Hereby, they will be having real life experience during the internship and for our staff, they will be having continual upgrading by attending professional courses and on job training.

iii. Fully Utilizing the 86,400 seconds per day:

To complete our job within deadline and do make extra time for discussion with our clients in every job. Besides that, we do allocate certain time for face to face discussion either by at our office or through Whatapps Video Call or SKYPE. Besides that, we will do it right at the first time in order to allow our clients to focus onto his business. Hereby, we do generate value on every seconds!

iv. Community changes:

On Total Societal Impact (TSI) that we do, we aim to make the world a better place for everyone to stay where children are to having basic education and sustainable community with a FAIR trade system. In short, we aim to make the world a slightly better place for every individuals but not sacrificing the needs from the future generations.