Hills & Cheryl Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd. is a Chartered Accountants firm based in Ipoh, Perak which is delivering professional service and advisory on:

  1. Accounting;
  2. Business Advisory;
  3. Company Secretarial Services & Incorporation (Sdn. Bhd.);
  4. Goods and Service Tax (GST) in Malaysia
  5. Taxation.

           Advisories and methods given by us are professionally driven allowing clients from various industries and background to continue in expanding their business without worrying on tax legal issues.

           Our industry driven knowledge are catered for each and every need of a organization’s expanding and success in tailor-made package which allowed business owners to saves resources, time and hassle- free from appointing too many services providers to manage different company’s arising legal issues.

           Collectively, we are into building win-win relationships with our clients, associates and community around us by employing local graduates and grow them into world class citizens. Since every business is special, we go the extra mile by giving our best resources and accurate solutions to troubleshoot and assisting our business owners in making crucial financial and legal decisions.

Our Firm’s Values

           Our signature values are based on accuracy, experience, professional and specializing on multi fields; in which is fundamental to provide service to our corporate clients and generating value added service.

           In today’s high demanding business perfection, we press on the need to incorporating ownership between clients, stakeholders, staffs and community in order to create a “grow-each-other” platform. Such proactive participation is vital for everyone to grow, experience sharing in time, skills and talents among us in ultimately making fruitful business decisions.

           Our professional service goes across several key areas of our field covering accounting, auditing, business consultancy, corporate secretarial advisory, GST and taxation. With our expertise, our client can be focusing 100% attention in exploring business opportunities without hesitation!

Why Us?

Hills & Cheryl Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd. is a leading Malaysia- based professional firm that provides one-stop solutions provider from: accounting, auditing, business advisory, corporate secretarial services, GST and taxation.

  1. Simply OUTSTANDING!

    Clients are expecting to be enjoying our reasonable pricing with our business associates committed to provide a quality and time efficiency which is always exceeds our business partners’ expectations. As we are an information technology savvy firm, we are able to provide a significant information using the shortest time with the highest cost saving.

  2. Fast Responsive

    Our responsive standards are high- to respond to our client within 24 hours in every electronic message: WhatsApp, We-chat, email, SMS or even phone call.

  3. Virtual Meetings

    As we are promoting “Green Concept” which means most of our communications are by email, online meet-up and messages where clients’ physical presence in our office is almost minimum. In here, we are about to save our clients’ precious business hours & resources and in order to make it more convenience to our clients, we are open for discussion during off office hours or public holidays.

  4. No Hidden Charges

    Our service fees are fully transparent where there is no “hidden fees”. We will proceed the job upon agreed on our professional fees.

  5. Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) Registered Firm

    Our sister accounting firm, Cheah Ling and Co is an accounting firm registered with MIA (Member Firm No. NF 1170) which means we are qualified firm in providing highest standard of professional advice to you. In short, your business is in safe hands!