Date: 05th Sept 2019

Event: The chronology of moving into own building for Hills & Cheryl Corporate Advisory Sdn. Bhd.

HC Building

Decided to have our own building and therefore, we had called up the owner on 02nd Aug 2019 in telling her of our intention to purchase.

Mbb bank statement

Received our Letter of Offer on 28 Aug 2019 from MBB Jalan Sultan Idris Shah Branch (Ipoh) ( and completed signing on the LO on that day as well.


To move things real fast, we had engaged Jan Wong the ID designer ( for our office on 02nd Sept 2019.

S&P Signing 05092019

S & P Signing with the landlord at Lawyer KH Ong & Ng's office on 05th Sept 2019.

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