"All works and no play make Hills & Cheryl a dull person." As CNY 2016 is near, we decided to get some groceries and clothes at KL on 17 Jan 2016. One of my buddy, YC Nang is an adventurer in seafood hunting and so we decided to have farm fish & crab at Veg Fish Farm (www.fishfarmthai.com.my) at Hulu Langat, Ampang, Selangor. The journey is blessed with nice scenery and "kampung durian". If you asked me, "the food ok or not??", read on and witness yourself. 🙂

Ayam kampung, crab

The welcome banner with promoting nice Village-rear-chickens (Ayam Kampung). We heard that, the boss even plant his own vegetables for customers' consuming.

Pond side restaurant

Customers can have their dinner at middle of the pond on 7.00 pm onwards. That is what we call, having romantic dinner , the Malaysian style.

Tilapia Fish Consuming

Worry not as you are not going to have frozen fish for the meal. Most of the fish are in A grade and it's JUMPY!

Grouper Fish, Oyster

Beside bottomless coconut drinks, one can have bottomless oysters and dragon groupers. They accept cash or credit card without extra charge.

Friends at lunch.

Before the yummy dishes come, lets us have we-fie and group-fie ahead. A big kudos to Johnsen Ng brother for custom making of our group T-shirts (www.trezepurple.com) a superb nice one!

Tilapia in salt baked

The salt baked tilapia fish with the behind the scene of the chef. The taste is so nice and the flesh is so fresh. Dear food hunter out there, please hunt for it. The fish's skin is abit hard and salty but you can chew it like you are are chewing a gum.

Crab, Tom Yum Goong, Sotong

Ok, let me introduce you to: Green Curry Crab, Tom Yum Goong, Chilly Squid (Sotong Masam Manis) and Ayam Kampung. The soup is spicy while the crab is wonderful. Please do not use fork and knife to eat it. Just use natural fork aka 5 fingers and I'm sure it's finger liking good!

The bill, GST

So, here is the bill of our luncheon. Consider it's worth of the price and maybe next round, we can come for dinner as they have singers to perform at night. "It's about enjoying Thai food at our homeland."


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